I have over five years of experience working in automitive and product visualization, using software such as Maya, Vred, After effects, Nuke, 3d Studio max, and V-ray.  I created product and automotive visualizations at the animation company, Armstrong White, and  I spent over four years creating internal visualization animations for the Ford Motor Company while onsite at their design headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan.  I was often in a lead role when a project concerned interiors.  Most of these animations were for internal use to faciliate the design process and help evaluate which programs would recieve further fundng.  While the majority of my work is protected by confidentiality agreements, some pieces were used to support public facing events such as marketing rollouts and international auto shows. This is an example of some of the work I did while onsite at Ford.



This is a spec piece done by Armstrong/White to showcase the integration of a CG vehicle and a filmed plate. I was tasked with the lighting and some of the look development of the vehicle.  I used Maya and Vray.  



This is another example of spec work I did while working for Armstrong White.  The goal was a miniature, science-fiction themed, environement come to life.  I designed the set, and created the concept sketches, directed the camera moves, handled the texturing and look development for the piece, and lit and composited the final passes.  The tools used were Studio Max, Vray, and After Effects.</p>